Thursday, October 4, 2012

Engineered For Safety: Skyactiv Gets The Grade

The 2013 Mazda Skyactiv CX-5 is the epitome of safety for the future of Mazda vehicles. Traditional unibody vehicles focus on displacing crash energy primarily through the floor pan. The 2013 Skyactiv CX-5 was designed using the Skyactiv-Body which, as blogged about earlier, is engineered to handle the energy from a collision. Energy gets distributed through the floor, door beams, and over the roof reducing the physical jolt in the passenger compartment giving it an edge in safety over other similarly classed competitors.

Mazda engineers started by taking the top federal and independent crash-test criteria and took a reverse engineering approach to achieve their desired results. Not only will the rigidity and structure of the body will keep you safe in the event of a dramatic collision, but it also increases the Skyactic CX-5’s handling, ride quality, and interior quietness. With these safety and performance features, it’s easy to see why the 2013 Mazda Skyactiv CX-5 is a must own!

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