Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Newsday proves you don’t need the Grand Touring to have fun with the Mazda6

It takes the right car to bring back that youthful spirit of speeding down a hill on your bike, kicking your feet out as if you are flying down the road. At Don Mealey’s Sport Mazda, a new Mazda dealer in Orlando, the Mazda Experts aim at making sure you can relive those days with every car you see until you find the perfect memory machine. Among these choices have been the ever increasingly popular 2014 Mazda6 which has reignited a flame in auto enthusiasts’ spirit without breaking the bank. 
Recently, Newsday took a base Sport model (starting price just over $21,000) 2014 Mazda6 that was equipped with the bare essentials for comfort, style, performance, and entertainment. While most reviewers will take the Grand Touring (starting price just over $30,000), the review gave an excellent inside scoop in how sacrificing the upgrades and technology packages does not take away from the performance.

Check out the Newsday review and read their take on the Sport model to see if that changes your mind on whether you need to have a Grand Touring or the more budget friendly Sport 2014 Mazda6. For more information about the differences between the three trims of the Mazda6, take a look at our convenient information research page provided by the Mazda Experts at Review the different options available and sign up for a test-drive with one of our Mazda Experts. 

Source: Newsday