Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mazda’s latest crossover concept revealed to the public

This week, Mazda unveiled the Koeru crossover concept for the first time to the public at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The Koeru is built on the same wheelbase structure as the CX-5. However, when it’s compared to the CX-5, the Koeru’s body is 2.4 inches longer, 2.4 inches wider, and 6.6 inches shorter in body size. It also strongly resembles the rest of Mazda’s KODO designed lineup, such as the Mazda6 and CX-3.

That makes it too small to be the next three-row CX-9 SUV, which is set to debut at this November’s L.A. Auto Show.

Could this be the return of the CX-7?

Mazda ended manufacturing CX-7s in 2012 after a six year production run and modest sales numbers. A refresh with the KODO Soul of Motion design language after a brief hiatus could help Mazda have a strong contender in the highly competitive crossover SUV market.

Whatever Mazda plans for the Koeru will be known in the future, as for now, we can have an idea of what the future of Mazda’s crossover plans look like.

We hope to have more news to share from the Frankfurt Motor Show as it continues through the rest of the week.

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