Friday, January 17, 2014

SKYACTIV diesel engine delayed for North America

With several successful public demonstrations in the form of race victories using the SKYACTIV-D diesel engine, Mazda has officially announced that its foray into the world of diesel power will have to wait a little longer before hitting showroom floors.

The Mazda Experts at Don Mealey’s Sport Mazda Orlando have been anticipating the launch of the SKYACTIV-D since Mazda’s intentions of introducing it in the as-of-then newly launched 2014 Mazda6.

Mazda has stopped hinting at possible release windows by taking the “when it’s ready, it’s ready” approach to focus more on finding a balance of fuel economy and driving performance which is a central theme in the SKYACTIV technology philosophy.

The reason for the delay is due to Mazda’s willingness to unleash every last bit of potential in the SKYACTIV-D, citing that they understand it “can meet emission regulation requirements.” Emission regulations vary in different regions of the world with Europe having strict regulations that call for strong improvements every five years.

The past year was a milestone for the Japanese automaker who saw the launch of two newly redesigned models built around SKYACTIV technology. If they release their diesel engine in 2014, it will be another memorable year of milestones Mazda.

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