Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Five great and five not so great Mazdas

This month, Mazda sold its ten millionth vehicle, a Mazda3, after 43 years of automotive sales. The Mazda Experts at Don Mealey’s Sport Mazda, an Orlando Mazda dealer in Florida, have witnessed a growth in loyal Mazda owners over the years with SKYACTIV being a large factor with newer owners.
To celebrate this sales milestone, AutoWeek featured a list of five Mazdas they found great and five they found to be too weird to be true.

Showing up on the list of great Mazdas is the dearly departed Mazda Furai concept car that wowed crowds at car shows around the world until it caught fire during a photo shoot for the popular Top Gear automotive publication and international television program.

The Mazda REPU
AutoWeek rated the short-lived Mazda REPU as one of the five worst Mazdas built. The REPU’s legacy is that it is the first and only rotary engine pickup truck during a time when Mazda was using the rotary in practically everything.

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