Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Return to rotary, Mazda 16X rotary to launch in two years

Mazda has always been a big name when it comes to rotary engines but in recent years with their focus on fuel efficiency and performance in the SKYACTIV platform, there has been nothing new to show in rotaries. According to AutoBlog.com, a Mazda USA insider tipped that the 16X rotary engine that has been known to be in development for the past few years will finally launch alongside an all-new model in two years.

The last rotary engine developed by Mazda was the Renesis that powered the RX-8 which ended its production run for North American drivers in 2011 due to lack of demand and failing to meet emission standards in Europe.

The 16X will outperform the Renesis while maintaining better fuel economy that has become a staple in Mazda’s commitment to automotive engineering.

It is unknown what the new model will feature the new rotary engine but with recent rumors of a future reboot in the RX-7 to hit dealerships in the upcoming years, it seems likely that the new model will be a sports car.

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